The Charcuterie Board of your Dreams

Charcuterie Boards are a big hit at parties, events, and girls nights, but have you ever considered having a charcuterie board at your wedding?

The Modern Graze, a DFW Charcuterie Board company, specializes in providing custom charcuterie boards for events - and weddings. Katie Cameron, owner and charcuterie expert, designs, conceptualizes, and executes the most beautiful - and tasty - charcuterie boards for weddings, parties, and more.

Large grazing tables (like the one to the left) are Katie's favorite to do for clients because they go back to the root of what she loves so much about what she does...bringing people together over food. Katie customizes every table or board she does. Vegan? No problem. Themed? Also no problem. She loves bringing visions to life. And if you don’t have a vision and want Katie to create one for you? Again, no problem! Your wedding day should be a day you don’t have to stress about. Katie will gladly handle the food situation and take that pressure off your shoulders!

Here's what Katie had to say:

I have always loved hosting, having friends over to eat, drink and connect. Hosting comes with feeding people - it’s part of the territory! So I’ve been putting together quick spreads for a few years. Right before COVID shut everything down, I hosted one last biggest one! Where I did a full grazing table for ten people (would have invited more, but only so many people will fit in a one bedroom apartment!) After that night, I had friends, family and strangers telling me I should make a business out of it, so I did.

Check out the Modern Graze on instagram @themoderngraze or on their website!

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